Discovery call

To determine if we are a fit for working together, we begin the process with a Discovery call. In this call, we understand what brings you to coaching, what you're looking to achieve and how I can help. We also answer any questions you may have.

1:1 sessions

I offer 50-minute coaching sessions via Skype and in-person (Toronto, ON) where we choose a space and time that works for the two of us. These sessions are tailored to you and are a prioritized window of time in your week to focus in on the area(s) of life you are eager to transform.

How does the process work?

A series of 1:1 sessions offer consistent space to areas of your life that need your devoted attention, processing, a listening ear, and perhaps a change or complete transformation. I recommend bringing a pen and paper to each session to take notes if that helps you take learned insights into your life outside of coaching sessions. 

My role in the process is to listen with full presence, feeling into your experience. This is often referred to as "holding space." My empathic nature allows me to fully be with you and what you're dealing with. I offer reflective questions and comments that have you consider discussed topics from new angles of perspective. I will always encourage you to take action steps outside of our sessions (where the real transformation occurs) that are the most healing to your self-discovery journey. 

Your role in the process is to choose yourself, choose to support yourself in a way that feels good to you. Beyond the fundamentals, your role is simply to show up.