Or, at least a fraction of it anyhow.

I got fed up with pretending. I became interested in becoming fully self-expressed and started getting clear on who I was and how I wanted to feel.

Through private coaching and group coaching programs, mindfulness meditation and reflective journaling, I have been able to peel back the layers of who I really am and what makes me feel alive. Every day I devote energy and time to my self-discovery process and what life choices make me feel most fulfilled.

I am committed and honoured to help guide others through the same discovery process, getting them closer and closer to their true self. With a novel of juicy life experience, a Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals Certificate from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and two years of relationship, communication, productivity and leadership training with Landmark Worldwide, I am qualified to help you discover the real you and the wonder that comes along with unleashing your authenticity.

For a long time I was scared to be myself. I had a fear of looking stupid and being judged. I was your typical people-pleaser, avoiding confrontation and difficult conversations at all costs.

From the outside looking in, I was a "happy camper," and the "life of the party." 

But this wasn't who I really was. What resulted from pretending was a build up of resentment. I grew resentful of myself for not following what I truly wanted for myself and resentment toward others for saying "yes" when I really wanted to say "no."

I would attempt to ease the pain with all sorts of things like over-eating, spending and other excessive habits that would fill the gaps for a while, but these habits just created more stress and self-sabotage. I couldn’t stand the thought of being rejected and I became depleted from always trying to please people. 

So, what happened?