So, what happened?

I got fed up with pretending. I became interested in becoming fully self-expressed and started getting clear on who I was and what I truly wanted.

Through private coaching, mindfulness meditation and reflective journaling, I have been able to discover who I really am and what makes me feel alive. Every day I devote energy and time to my self-discovery process and what life choices make me feel most fulfilled.

I am committed and honoured to help guide others through the same self-discovery process, getting them closer and closer to their true self. With a novel of juicy life experience, a Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals Certificate from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and two years of relationship, communication, productivity and leadership training with Landmark Worldwide, I am highly qualified to help you discover the real you and the wonder that comes along with unleashing your authenticity.

For a long time I was scared to be myself. I had a fear of looking stupid and being judged. I was your typical “people-pleaser” and I avoided confrontation and difficult conversations at all costs.

From the outside looking in, I was a "happy camper," and the "life of the party." 

But this wasn't who I really was all of the time and what resulted within was deep resentment. Resentment toward myself for not following what my soul knew to be true, and resentment toward others for saying "yes" to them when I really wanted to say "no."

I would attempt to ease the pain with all sorts of things like over-eating and excessive drinking, creating even more stress and self-sabotage. I couldn’t stand the thought of being rejected and I became depleted from always trying to please people. But worst of all, I was scared of not being loved. This fear affected my relationship with myself, my family, my romantic relationships and even my career.