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Let's get you feeling free


Let's get you feeling free

You deserve to be fulfilled.

You deserve to be valued for everything you have to offer, to have meaningful and loving relationships with the people you care about and to create a life that is in alignment with your values and who you really are.

online Krista Thrasher 3 - Callback Headshots.jpg

My story

My story

Or, at least a fraction of it anyhow.

I got fed up with pretending. I became interested in becoming fully self-expressed and started getting clear on who I was and how I wanted to feel.

Through private coaching and group coaching programs, mindfulness meditation and reflective journaling, I have been able to peel back the layers of who I really am and what makes me feel alive. Every day I devote energy and time to my self-discovery process and what life choices make me feel most fulfilled.

I am committed and honoured to help guide others through the same discovery process, getting them closer and closer to their true self. With a novel of juicy life experience, a Co-Active Coaching Fundamentals Certificate from the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and two years of relationship, communication, productivity and leadership training with Landmark Worldwide, I am qualified to help you discover the real you and the wonder that comes along with unleashing your authenticity.

For a long time I was scared to be myself. I had a fear of looking stupid and being judged. I was your typical people-pleaser, avoiding confrontation and difficult conversations at all costs.

From the outside looking in, I was a "happy camper," and the "life of the party." 

But this wasn't who I really was. What resulted from pretending was a build up of resentment. I grew resentful of myself for not following what I truly wanted for myself and resentment toward others for saying "yes" when I really wanted to say "no."

I would attempt to ease the pain with all sorts of things like over-eating, spending and other excessive habits that would fill the gaps for a while, but these habits just created more stress and self-sabotage. I couldn’t stand the thought of being rejected and I became depleted from always trying to please people. 

So, what happened?




What is coaching?

Coaching is a method of powerful conversation accessed with a third-party person, outside of your immediate social and family circles.

It is a conversation that provides a pathway to higher thoughts and breakthroughs, creating entirely new ways of being and living. 


When should I work with a coach?

You are in a relationship that feels stuck or misaligned.
You are working a job that is draining you and you wish gave you more fulfillment. 
You are resentful for saying "yes" when you really want to say no.
You are craving more meaning out of your life.

How can I help? I've been there. 

I dated people I knew were not a fit for me and tried tirelessly to make these relationships work. At one point, it felt better being with someone rather than no one at all. I had the job that sucked the life right out of me. I have been paralyzed by perfectionism, taking zero action for the fear of being less than perfect. I have said "yes" when I meant "no" too many times to count and I have dealt with shame intimately.

So, what did I do?

I finally talked to someone about it, and not just anyone.

This person had to be a fit. 

In 2012 I made one of the best decisions of my life. I hired my first coach, Vanessa Petronelli.

It wasn't easy at first. I'm not going to sugar coat how it felt for me to ask for help after years of priding myself in being independent and strong. I had the belief that asking for help made me look weak. For 20 years of my life I thought I could handle the world on my shoulders, alone, without the guidance of anyone. This way of living brought me to exhaustion, resentment, and at times, isolation. 

If you resonate with what I'm sharing, there's a great chance we're meant to work together. 


Get clear. 


I help you uncover the blocks that are holding you back from taking the action you need to take in the area of life you're feeling stuck. I help you discover the gifts you have been given along your life path so far and how they have been inside you all along. Finally, we map out a 30-day game-plan that will ignite transformation in a chosen area of your life. Session will be held via Skype / Phone or In-person (Toronto, ON).

Includes: tailored worksheet for diving deeper


Let go.

I help you let go of the beliefs that are no longer serving you. I.e. "I'm not good enough." In these 3 sessions we go to work and become aware of the exact beliefs that are clouding your mind and soul, discover where they may have come from, make the definite decision to let them go and reprogram them once and for all. It takes a firm level of commitment to do this and that is why this package is a minimum of 3 consecutive 90-minute sessions.

Includes: Blocks & Purpose work + a tailored worksheet for diving deeper 





Working with Krista has made such an impact on my life. I am forever grateful for her loving guidance she has provided me during a time of frustration and confusion. She gave me the support I needed to make big shifts in my life. I have learned how to be my own best friend instead of my worst critic. If you are wanting change and transformation in your life I suggest you don’t do it on your own. You need the support of someone who has been in your shoes and who can lovingly guide you where you want to go.
— Summer R.
I went into my coaching session with an open mind, however, I had no idea how amazing the session would make me feel. Krista is able to draw on her own skills to draw out questions I had about my life and give me some effective guidelines to make sure I get on and stay on the path I will do best on. As a woman in my 50’s, I wish I had taken some coaching in my 20’s. I believe Krista has the ability to help others gain insight, to find the path they are looking for. Life has many roads to travel on, taking the time to get some coaching can only be beneficial.
— Sarah L.
Krista absolutely radiates an aura of absolute non-judgemental caring. This gave her the ability to create a safe space for me to not only express; but discover my well guarded thoughts and feelings. This was all despite the fact we hadn’t known each other long. Her caring nature combined with her vibrant passion for authenticity and self-expression inspired me to begin a journey of self-discovery and conscious happiness.
— Laura C.
When I met Krista in a bustling Starbucks I was instantly drawn to her warmth and light. She is someone who creates a sense of groundedness as if the only thing that matters in the moment is your conversation with her, and everyone else appears to be moving in a blur. With every subtle suggestion, Krista creates a space for “ah-ha” moments and living a life of action.
— Brigid T.
Krista is able to connect and relate to you. After speaking with her from just one session, you feel as if she’s known you for years!
— Victoria M.
Krista embodies the idea of living big and holding others to their highest potential. She creates a safe and inviting environment, void of judgement, and allows her clients the freedom to discover their truths at their own pace. Krista is a stand for self-love and self-worth in a world that is constantly trying to take that away. Her approach is one of a kind and I feel privlidged to take part in her courses.
— Self-Love Workshop Participant
Krista Thrasher’s Self-Love Workshop was a positive experience from beginning to end. It was a great way to open up, allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and give us that gentle reminder that we are all worthy of love, especially from ourselves. The meditation session at the end was a soothing experience that took us away from our busy thoughts and brought the focus back onto sending love and positive vibes out into the universe.
— Self-Love Workshop Participant